How to Make Aadhaar Card Name Change / Correction

An Aadhaar card is a revolutionary document in our arsenal. It makes life easier and daily transactions fluid. Since it is such an important document, it is essential that all of your details and information remain absolutely correct and updated if need be. If you have recently just gotten married and changed your name or in case there is a mistake in the name that your Aadhaar card mentions then you can apply for Aadhaar card name change/name correction online as well as through post.
Important: If you wish to make the name change or name correction online you must own a mobile number. One you have applied for the change or correction of name the online update portal will send an OTP or a One Time Pin to your mobile number, therefore it is very important to own a mobile number if you wish to apply online. In case you do not have a mobile phone number you can apply for the change or correction of name through post.
For children below five years of age, parents or guardians can fill and sign or provide thumb prints on the forms and copies of documents. Only a maximum of 4 change requests are allowed till March 2014.


  1. Login to Aadhaar card Online Self Service Update Portal using your Aadhaar number.
  2. Submit your Aadhaar card name change or name correction request on the portal.
  3. Upload self attested proof of any Identity document that supports your change claim.
You are required to make any name change or name correction request in English as well as your local language. Once the Aadhaar card name change or name correction request is duly submitted you will be given your Aadhaar card update request number. This number is important and must be saved to track the status of you Aadhaar card name change/ name correction request and for any further references. Once it reaches he UIDAI, your change request details will be checked and verified by them. Upon successful validation, the corresponding changes will be made to your Aadhaar card and you will also be informed of these changes.


For any name change or name correction in Aadhaar card by post you must have a Proof Of Identity that reaffirms your claim. You can collect a change/correction form from the closest Aadhaar card centre. The form must be filled in English as well as your local language ( Except numeric details like date of birth). The duly filled form and self attested copies of your identity proof must be put in an envelope. The envelope will read “Aadhaar card update/correction” and must be posted to the concerned UIDAI office depending upon your regional language. The Aadhaar card change request will then be looked into and verified by UIDAI officers. Once the change is verified the corresponding change will be made and you will informed of the same too.


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