How to Download Aadhaar Card?

Aadhaar serves as an identity and address proof for individuals who are residents of India. Government of India has made it one of the biggest proofs of identification and everyone has been requested to enroll themselves in the scheme. Different centers have been created around the world. Wherein people have to just step in and rest of the formalities are taken care of by the executives appointed for the specific purpose. Once a person has enrolled him for the card, then the card can be generated or downloaded using internet. The E-Aadhaar card is considered equally valid and considered same to the Aadhaar card which is available at the centers.


While an individual is in the process of downloading his Aadhaar, he must make sure to keep by his side the following documents;
  • The enrollment id issued at the time of registration or the Aadhaar number both the numbers can be accessed from the receipt of enrollment.
  • Name of the applicant as has been mentioned on the acknowledgment of the Aadhaar card.
  • Pin code, same as has been mentioned on the copy of acknowledgment slip provided at the time of enrollment.
  • Again the mobile number that has been punched on the acknowledgment slip at the time of registration or enrollment.
It is important to keep this information as it shall be asked during the process of downloading. Once the details have been fed, a onetime password will be sent to the registered mobile number, which user should enter to complete the process and successfully download the card.


Once the Aadhaar has been downloaded following the process mentioned above, the downloaded Aadhaar can then be accessed as mentioned below;
  • The file downloaded can be opened with adobe acrobat reader
  • The adobe reader may ask for a password to open the file, password for all the file is the pin code mentioned on acknowledgment slip
  • Once the file opens, print the same and one can save it on their desktops for future references. However make sure that it is not accessible to unknown persons as it is one of the biggest proofs which can be used for fraudulent purposes and same shall go against you.
Thus the process of downloading and accessing Aadhaar has been made so easy to facilitate every individual in India to get them enrolled and get the proof by sitting on their computer systems itself. The card can be used on different occasions like while registering you for the property in this case it is a mandatory proof and every person willing to have a property in their name should possess one. Similarly it is useful at the time of account opening in the bank, registering a vehicle, or on other occasions where one is expected to submit any kind of address or identity proof. So what are you waiting for enroll yourself and get the card at the earliest.


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