Aadhar Card Application Procedure

Aadhaar card is one of the most important mandatory documents required for citizens in India. It is considered to a valid proof of ID and address for the individuals. Aadhaar card is available to be prepared at free of cost by simply filling an application and going through the various biometric tests. Enrollment for Aadhaar card could be done at any centers built by government. One can also access these forms from online using a simple procedure provided by government.


The enrollment for Aadhaar card is free of cost for residents of India. One can apply for it from anywhere from India. One thing to be noted is that not all centers in India have online appointment facility and registration. You need to reach the nearest centre using online appointment and apply for Aadhaar card.
Once you have taken appointment using online link, you need to carry the documents like proof of address, ID proof and photographs and carry them to the nearest centre. Make sure that you carry photocopy of documents duly self-attested with sign and date.
If the online appointment system is not available for your nearest centre, then you can simply walking to the nearest centre without taking any prior appointment. In case anyone does not have any valid documents, then the person in the family can enroll his/her name in family entitlement document. In such cases, Head of Family needs to be first to enroll with the valid proofs. After that, Head of the family can enroll other members in the family who don’t have any valid proofs.


You can download application form using online website of Aadhaar card or even visit the nearest centre to collect the same. Downloading form online is the best way forward as it saves your lot of time. Once you download the form from online website, you must keep two-three copies of form. After downloading the form, you need to enter your personal details in the form.
After completing the form, you need to visit the Aadhaar centre and provide scanning of your photography; finger prints and iris scan which is part of enrollment. During the enrollment, you need to review the details and also make suitable corrections when required. After filling the enrollment, details would be captured and an acknowledgement would be generated. You need to keep this slip at a safe place where you need to use it while getting the Aadhaar card from online and also for future purpose. You need to enroll only once and enrolling twice is not possible for any person.
Once the details are verified, you will also receive a notification SMS after which Aadhaar Card would be printed and would be posted to your registered address. The complete process to generate Aadhaar card would take around 60 days to 90 days. However it could take much longer time because of long queue of applications and verification process involved. Now there is a provision for people to download their Aadhaar card from online using the official website as well.


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