How to Apply Online For Aadhaar Card

How to Apply Online For Aadhaar Card

These days carrying your own identity card is must wherever you go. Either a person goes for a journey through railways or plane or to get a new mobile connection, identity card is always welcome everywhere by the authorities. In this context, the Government of India issued multiples of identity cards like PAN card, Voter ID Card, Driving license and the newcomer, Aadhaar Card. This card is generally used in all the public and private institution which is known as a complete identification of an individual normal resident of India.
Now, a person can apply online for Aadhaar card with which he can get the card at his own address. This facility is very new in respect to provide Aadhaar Card to the eligible candidates. Most important of this card is that a normal resident of India, who is below the age of 18 years, is also eligible for the UID. For other types of cards such as Voter ID Card, PAN Card and D/L, it is mandatory to be 18 years or more. Thus, a student studying may also apply for the card through online mode. The one website is embedded for the same service to the people and they will be able to check the status of their card as well. Here, they have to insert the necessary information asked and then they will be able to get a print out which will act as their temporary Aadhaar by the time; they get their original one at their address.
Aadhaar Card online registration is a very simple process which requires a person his personal details like his name, his permanent address, date of birth and other related information. It is important card because it also involves the photo of the applicant, his eye sight and other important information which are from his body parts. The entire information plays a major role while a person is applying for a passport or moving out from the country. These all details are important and after submitting it, people will get a system generated copy that will be their temporary card.
Most of the people who are going to apply Aadhaar Card in online mode may seek the help from the knowledgeable person. Many cyber cafes and individual person are also involved in making the Aadhaar Card Status for which they charge some amount from the customers. Thus, those people who are looking to have their card may follow certain procedures with which he can successfully apply for his Aadhaar card online.


Facility to apply online for Aadhar Card is currently in beta mode and is only available for selected regions. So first of all you have to visit to check if your center is listed in online registration system. If not then you have to apply using the traditional offline mode. Check for online appointment at this page :


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