Aadhaar Card for Kids – How to Guide

Aadhaar card serves as a proof of one’s identity and address, in India. While the Aadhaar card does not carry a date of birth, it does have enough “Know Your Customer” information like photo, address proof, biometrics’ data; to open a bank account, get a mobile connection or avail of any social and development benefits by the government in the present and in the future.
An Aadhaar card can only be issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India representing the Government of India. As of May 05, 2015, the Aadhaar enrollment has reached the 83.30 crore mark which is roughly 67% of the Indian population. The 12-digit Aadhaar card will uniquely and digitally identify people for the government.


Children above the age of 1 year are eligible to apply for an Aadhaar card. Biometric data such as ten fingers, iris and facial photograph is one of a prerequisite to issue an Aadhaar card for children. But since a kid’s fingerprints will keep changing till the age of 5, this criterion will be relaxed. The Aadhaar card will be linked to the kid’s parents or guardian, for those who are aged below the 5 years.
Once the kid turns 5 years, biometric card will now be collected and linked to his / her Aadhaar card. Again, when the child turns 15, for one last time the biometric data will be captured and updated into his / her Aadhaar card.


The kid’s parents or guardian, along with the Aadhaar card for kids’ application form, will have to furnish one document each for identity proof, address proof and proof of date of birth. Copies of documents like passport or pass book for identity and age proof of the kid will be good enough. For address proof, the parent or guardian may have to submit their own address proof document as the kid may not have any address proof.
Photographs are not required as the picture will be captured at the Aadhaar card center itself. There is no fee or charges that need to be paid by the applicant at any stage of the Aadhaar card issuing process.


An Aadhaar card for little boy or girl should not be restricted to just another identity card. In fact, the idea to issue one is to avail of development benefits such education, health and employment where there are currently a lot of discrepancies. If a kids’ parents, one or both, are disabled, retired or deceased, social benefits like free school and college education upto the age of 18 years will ensure that kid is not a drop-out for financial reasons in the family. If a kid is disabled, equal employment opportunities once the kid turns into an adult, could be availed by the kid.Even from a financial inclusion point of view, banks will be open to bank accounts without any hassles against the Aadhaar card for teenagers.


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